Day one of HackReactor is hours away. The next three months will be intense and I look forward to the knowledge dump that is about to start. In an effort to quell my nerves (and appease the hypochondriac in me) after numerous google searches and WEB MD lookups, I’m officially diagnosing myself with imposter syndrome. To fellow classmates/future HackReactor-ers, the upside here is that we imposter syndrome sufferers are far from alone…though the downside is that the most common cause is being human.

I’m assuming that if you’re reading this post you’re likely thinking about coding bootcamps or maybe you got into HackReactor and are trying to get a sense of what lies ahead. My road to HackReactor began back in May. I was finishing up a web development certificate program that focused mainly on front-end dev (HTML, CSS, JQuery, WordPress). We had done some JavaScript and even though it kind of kicked my butt, I loved it. I googled bootcamps that focused on JavaScript and came upon HackReactor. Some things I considered in making my decision were:

In terms of preparation, my background with coding included the web dev certificate program, some online learning I did on my own, and PTC (Personal Tech Coaching) offered by HackReactor. Below I’ll add a list of some resources I have found useful in my learning so far.


Note: You don’t need to know HTML5/CSS for the interview, but you do learn some in precourse.


Note: You don’t need to know JQuery for the interview, but you do learn some in precourse.